Apr. 19, 2021

How Do I Transfer My Photos From Old Phone to New Phone

It’s fairly easy nowadays to move all your photos and videos from your old phone to a new one. There are several methods to do this and the best one would depend on the amount of data you need to transfer and the operating system on your phone. Every new phone buyer wants to learn ‘how do I transfer my photos from old phone to new phone?’

You can transfer photos either wirelessly or through a wired connection. People today are using these 4 ways to retrieve their photos from their old phones; WhatsApp, Bluetooth, File Transfer Apps, and Computer transfer. If you want to share multiple photos at once fast, file transfer apps would be the way to go.
Best Photo Transfer Apps for iPhone
Air Drop
Make sure that this feature is enabled in both the iPhones. Now start by opening the image you wish to transfer. Tap the share button at the bottom left corner. If you don’t see the share icon, just tap the image and it should appear.

To select multiple images, tap the circles on the bottom right corner of other pictures. The airdrop icon will appear as concentric blue circles with a white triangle. This will poke at the bottom just below the image.

You will see the phone contacts or devices listed that are in your range. Bluetooth and Wi-Fi need to be ON for this app to work. If the recipient device belongs to the same user as the sender’s device, the transfer would simply begin; otherwise, it will seek permission from the recipient device before allowing the transfer.
Start with the same steps. Go to the photo you wish to transfer and select it by tapping the share button at the bottom left corner. The bottom row asks you to select an app to share the photos. Tap ‘Copy iCloud Link’.

A window alert would pop up saying ‘preparing’. Once this window closes, you will be asked to write an email or a text as the recipient address and all the selected images will be transferred to that address. Read more at https://appstalkers.com/ for more similar topics.
Best Photo Transfer Apps for Android
It is the perfect desktop software for photo transfer between android-android as well as android-iOS. This app supports over 8000+ Android devices and also works for all models of iPhone, iPod, and iPad. The steps are quite simple. Install MobileTrans on your PC. Open the application and select ‘Phone Transfer’ from the main screen.

Now you will need two USB cables to connect both the phones with your PC. Once your mobile phones are connected to the PC, select the Photos option from the supported file type list. Once you click on the ‘Start’ button at the bottom right, the transfer process will begin.
Samsung Smart Switch
If you are looking for a free app to transfer pictures, contacts, text messages etc. from one android phone to another, Samsung Smart Switch works seamlessly to perform the task and is preloaded in most Samsung Galaxy series phones. What’s better is that it lets you transfer data in several ways.

You can send pictures from your old phone to your new one wirelessly, through a USB cable, or even with SD card. It’s a really useful app for android users and also allows you to connect your device to other platforms like iOS, Windows, and Blackberry.
Xender is the perfect app to wirelessly transfer pictures from one phone to another. You will need to connect both phones through hotspot and can easily transfer files like games, music, videos, messages, and contacts from one android device to another.

With this app, you can connect as many as four different android devices to transfer data. You can even transfer large files at a speed of 40 MB/second. It also works cross-platform so you can transfer data across iOS and windows.
Bluetooth File Transfer
Bluetooth File Transfer is an app with an in-built file browser. It allows you to share files over a Bluetooth connection using a secure connection. You will also be able to use the integrated browser to copy, cut, move, and delete the items and even zip or unzip files.

This is quite an underrated app and really works great if you want to use Bluetooth for file transfer between two android devices.
You can easily transfer pictures from an older phone to your newer phone. This would require you to first decide whether you would prefer a cable transfer or wireless transfer. USB transfer can be considered the fasted on most modern computers. However, the wireless transfer is also very fast and convenient as well, if you have the app installed.

Some of the above-mentioned apps even let you transfer files cross-platform which can be very helpful if you have bought a new phone that uses a different platform than your older device. There are dozens of apps that will let you transfer pictures, but we have selected the best ones that are fast enough and compatible with most devices.